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The CC Series
The Entry Level of the CC range is the CCDC22
This in basic terms means Crescent Cut Double Cutaway 22 frets. This is a all Mahogany construction with a caved to and one piece set neck. Rosewood fingerboard with 22 jumbo frets (3mm) and a zero fret also a Intonated Wrap-Over bridge. Planet Wave locking and self trimming tuners are pretty much standard on modern Gordon Guitars.
at the base level, I use as standard Epiphone Humbuckers although there is the option to upgrade this at cost.
the CCDC22 comes only in solid colours. All Gordon guitars come with a full Volute at the base of the headstock (unless otherwise requested.
Other Guitars in the CC range
CCDC24CD (Crescent Cut Double Cutaway 24 fret Custom Deluxe) which has more upgrade options but as standard has a AAAAA Flamed maple top and the option of a choice of fingerboards as well as a choice of neck single piece Mahogany or three piece maple.
CCESA24DC this is a 335esque version and like its little brother comes with a lot of options Including a wide variety of finishes.
The SG Series
The SG series come like most of the range of Gordon Guitars in a wide variety of levels
The SGA24M-CD 
They have a Solid Mahogany Body with a solid AAAA flamed maple cap (though it can be produced in a more basic format if required)
3 piece set maple neck, Planet Wave tuners, Choice of nut styles, Pair of Gibson Classic 57 split coil pickups (or other choice at cost) Graphtech split saddle Bridge, Dark Sound acoustic expansion board, Full duplex midi expansion board. This guitar is designed to be the best studio guitar around it can be used in any or all modes at the same time and can even send the mixed signals down a single cable or into three separate. Coil Tap/Phase/Series/Dark Acoustic all via Push Push Pots. the 24 fret ebony fingerboard with deluxe inlays only add to the beauty of this series.
A Basic version of this can also be made without the bells and whistles just a couple of humbuckers and can also be weight relieved.
is the 12 string version of this guitar made in the same way but with a pair of vintage MMK45 Active pickups and full 18vlt active tone circuit with center notch
This also has a Custom Made Graphtech split saddle piezo system and the dark acoustic soundboard. But without the addition of midi
the Tuners on this version are schaller.
This guitar has a bigger and better sound than even the Rick 12's due to the ability to mix between Acoustic 12 string and the jangle of electric 12. then add into that mix a deep dark acoustic and you get 12 string heaven
The Standard DC Range
This is the Deluxe active version of the DC range
The DC24A-CD 
Double Cut 24 fret Custom Deluxe
Solid Mahogany body with a solid AAAAA carved flamed maple cap
Full German carving to the top edge. Set 3 piece hard rock maple neck. 24 fret Indian ebony fingerboard a choice of block or diamond inlays. Grover or planet waves tuners, pair of EMG Active pickups 81/86 or 81/60.
This guitar is also available in a basic solid finish studio version in solid or see thru colours and with a 22 fret rosewood fingerboard with dot markers.
It is also available with or without coil taps
This is probably one of the most request builds that I have done over the years, with many professional musicians owning 2 or even three of these workhorses. They are built like tanks and are built to last a lifetime
The DC22jnr
is a flat top version of this guitar with a veneered top and matching headstock and come in either thru body stringing, wrap-over bride of full tune-o-matic styles. A large range of pickups and tuners and also desired finish.
The DC22D is the same as above but with a edgebound body and neck
The DC24Jnr as above but with 24 frets
The DC24D as above but with bound body
The DC24SH as above but with fully sculpted step-less heel
The DC22 is the base verion and an entry level guitar made to a low budget and includes a BOLT ON Neck and is the only bolt on neck guitar that I make. The guitar has a single split coil Humbucker
The SS Range of Guitars
The SS24CD (Semi Solid 24 fret Custom Deluxe)
This is a Arch top Arch Back guitar that looks like a semi but is in fact a solid body the stylised Cats eye sound holes are really weight relief
The body is made from two slabs of Mahogany that are shaped and routed and then set together and then veneered with AAAAA Grade flames of quilted maple then edge bound with multi layer binding. The set 3 piece hard rock maple neck has a 24 fret ebony fingerboard over. Planet waves locking self trimming tuners and like all Gordon Guitars has a solid Brass, Chrome plated and engraved truss rod cover over a bi-flex truss rod.
The fingerboard is fully bound and is adorned with deluxe custom inlays with a custom block marker at the 24th (where you can have your name engraved, should you desire this.
a pair of split coil humbuckers with coil taps via mini toggle switches.
The rear control panel cover is also made of the same wood as the rest of the back.
other models include
This is the same as above but without the Cats eye relief holes, and is 22 frets. with two vol two tone and no coil taps 
Rosewood fingerboard with dot markers
No binding. Again this is aimed at the studio
This is the complete entry level of the SS Range
It comes ONLY in solid Colours and is like the version above an entry level guitar. Basic without all the glitz. No bells and No whistles
Just a good solid hand made workhorse that does not break the bank
One piece Mahogany neck
The ESA Range
This guitar is probably the top of the Gordon Guitars ESA range it is the ESA24M-CD-BBK. 
As the name would suggest this is really a homage to the late great B.B.King.
EAS24M-CD-BBK (Electric Semi Acoustic 24 fret Midi Custom Deluxe B.B.King)
This really is a guitar designed to be a one size fits all sort of instrument.
First you have a BB King esque blues guitar which has a pair of split coil Humbuckers with more chrome than a Harley. Coil Tap/Series/Parallel switching via Push/Push pots.
TP6 schaller micro tune stoptail. Planet Waves locking self trimming tuners. Then we added the Graphtech split saddle piezo bridge for a nice acoustic sound, then we add the Graphtech Dark Acoustic sound board and add another push/push switch. Next we added in a full duplex midi sound board with a roland 13 pin outlet with midi 0/1 switching. any mix or single sound source play and like the SG version patch up/down switch from the guitar. The 24 fret ebony fingerboard like the body is edge bound. As you can imaging this guitar model is the Rolls Royce of the ESA range
Other ESA guitars include
ESA Studio
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