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When I made my first musical instrument I was little more than a child, I am now over 60+ years old and I am still learning my craft. I have discovered that there is no such thing as the perfect Luthier. We learn from our mistakes (and I have made many over the years) however the one thing I remember my father telling me when I was young "Learn from your mistakes, But, learn from other peoples mistakes as it works out cheaper that way" My fathers words proved to be true and over the years I have looked at the way other luthers build guitars and looked for the mistakes in their builds and made sure that these were not the same mistakes that I would make. My builds are HIGHLY influenced by Matsumoku made instruments of the 1970's and 1980's. Time has proven that they are well made guitars. and are still sturdy and fantastically playable instruments even 45 years later. 

Gordon Guitars are built ONE at a time I do NOT use CNC Computer Controled Cutting Machines. I do NOT have a stock of neck and Bodies. Each body is hand made from start to finish as is each neck. So There are no two guitars identical even when they are the same model. Tiny nuences cuaed by being completely hand made make each and every Gordon Guitar a One Off. The woods that I use in my builds are at least 16 years old and some of my ebony fingerboards are well over 100 years old. I occasionally, for customers who wish it and are prepared to pay for it, use 3,000 year old Bog Oak for their fingerboards and acoustic guitar bridges.  For the greater part I use Honduras Mahogany, European & American Maple, Indian Ebony, Norwiegian Sitka Spruce, Canadian Redwood and Cedar. I always use a Bi Flex system for my Truss rods, For the Greater part I tend to build guitars with Three piece Hard rock maple set necks. 

Miguel Marquez

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