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This is a slightly more basic version of the SGA24M-CD . However it is a 12 string version with Schaller Tuners, Solid Brass Nut, MMK45 split coil Humbucker with custom Surrounds and covers, Graphtech split saddle Piezo TOM Bridge, TOM Stoptail. Coil Taps, Via Push/Push, Phase via Push/Push, Series Via Push/Push 18Volt active tone control with centre lock position on potentiometer. The there is the Graphtech Piezo with the added bonus of the acoustic "Dark Sound" Circuit board access via Push/Push pot. any and all mix of Magnetic and Piezo pickups £1750


















SC22 Custom Mahogany
This is pretty much what it says it is. A solid Mahogany body with a one piece mahogany long tenon deep set neck. The Body could be said to be Les Paul(ish) However Unlike Gibson Les Pauls this is a 100% solid Mahogany body and not a split wood body like Gibson they have the Base of the body made from Mahogany and the top from Maple. 
The reason I have chosen to use a one piece mahogany body is so that I get that wonderful bluesy sound that you can only get rom all mahogany guitars. Mahogany is a proper tone-wood the arch top not only gives it beauty but having the greater mass around the pickups gives oodles of sustain. and having the cutaway at the bottpm then brings brightness to the treble end without infringing on the central mass by having ample cap. The one piece Mahogany neck keeps the tone in sympathy with the body, Also by using a Rosewood fingerboard on this model I have not overly increased the brightness that a Ebony fingerboard would. The 22 frets is ideal for those who got into guitar playing after the 1980s (when 24 frets ruled) and the 25.5 scale length s also comfortable. This is as far as a Gordon Guitar is concerned a Entry level model and costing just £1550 (£1750 for maple top) at full rrp. Planet wave locking Tuners, High gain humbuckers, Tune-o-matic bridge, schaller strap plocks and Padded Gig Bag. Now sold and lives in Cambridge
















The ESA24AM-BBK (Electric Semi Acoustic 24 Fret Acoustic Midi B.B.King) was constructed as a homage to the late great B.B.King. and is the Rolls Royce of lightweight Electric Guitars. The Body is Maple with Maple Rims as is the neck. Loaded with a Pair of Custom Split Coil Warams with Custom Surrounds. Added is also a Graphtech split Saddle Piezo Bridge complete with the Graphtech Dark Sound Motherboard. Then added to this is the Graphtech full duplex Midi Board. Coil Tap/Phase/Series/Dark Sound/Actives all via Push/Push pots standard Three way toggle for Magnetic Pickups and then There is a Three way toggle for Piezo and also for Piezo and midi allowing sounds to be isolated or all three sound sources at the same time and or any mix of the three, Planet Waves Locking self Trimming Tuners, Virtu-Bone Nut, Chrome plated Brass Trauss Rod Cover, Gordon Guitars logo to the front face of the headstock, Full smiley Volute to the rear of the headstock. 24 fret Indian Ebony Fingerboard. Body and neck with Multi Binding, Small diamond shaped inlays to the fingerboard 24 super jumbo 3mm steel frets. Schaller TP6 Micro-tune Stoptail. if you want a guitar that does everything Stereo 1/4" jack for Piezo and Magnetic also 133 pin Roland out. Micro Toggle for Patch up and down. Super high gloss black finish. You will never need to carry several guitars. Fantastic acoustic sound Fat and bluesy Pickups and the world at your fingers with Full duplex midi Roland ready. Control sound sources, Lighting, stage FX and lots more RRP £2999






















Gordon Guitars  NRP-CD-AB1 Signature. This was a Custom Build for Mr Andy Ball (he of NOASIS fame)
Andy wanted a Guitar that could as close as legally possible resemble the 1960's Gibson Non reverse Firebird. Like most musicians who are not world famous or who have rich daddies Andy did not have a spare £20,000 floating around to get one of the rare 1962 guitars. So he contacted me and we set about this build Using Solid Honduras Mahogany for the body with a set Neck and Indian rosewood fingerboard. We tried several combinations of pickups before settling on a set of Warmans. then Came the paint job. We (Boston Auto Body Repairs)  have painted this guitar a total of 4 times and Josi Warman of Warman Guitars has done the Electrics on this baby 3 times until Andy was happy with his signature instrument (WE that is Gordon Guitars are only happy when our customer is happy) This guitar has play in many prestigious venues including most of the big UK Festivals and Wembley Stadium. This is Andy Balls Main Stage Guitar. It still lives with Andy in Mansfield UK SOLD
















Gordon Guitars OSC22Jnr CD  (Off Set Cutaway 22 fret Junior Custom Deluxe)
This is a prototype guitar that I I have actually been working on for years but never really got off the draying board. The first prototype of this I was not happy with the look or feel of. So I effectively made another body and flipped it over so the cut away were the other way around. Made from solid mahogany with a one  piece body and a one piece long tenon set neck. The usual Gordon headstock with a full volute to the base of the headstock and fully sculpted heel allowing full access to the upper frets. Planet Waves Locking Self Trimming 18:1 sealed tuners. Chrome plated Brass Truss Rod cover. Virtubone String guide onto the zero fret (this is something I have been planning for years but never got around to doing before) 24 fret  Indian Ebony Fingerboard with the usual Gordon Guitars small diamond shaped inlays and Custom Block marker at the 24th fret. There is a full body relief to the back. The front of the body is carved to a gentle arch-top. German Groove carved to the top leading edge. Pair of Gibson Burstbuckers with Chrome covers and surrounds. Tuneomatic Bridge and Tailstop. Schaller Strap Locks. The guitar has a Comfortable classic neck leaning towards a 60's Gibsonesque style. The guitar is finished in Metallic Emerald Green and comes in a Gig Bag The price on this one off Prototype bearing in mind the fist prototype had its body the other way around is Just £1999 However for previous Gordon Guitar owners there is of course the usual discount of 30% for advertisers of of Gordon Guitars on their websites 12.5% discount retail outlets please message me for a quote


































SC22 Custom Deluxe. Hand made with flamed maple top. Solid Honduras Mahogany body with carce arch top. Long tenon set one piece mahogany neck, with full Volute to the base of the headstock. 22 Fret Rosewood fingerboard. German carving to the leading edge of the body front, Body relief to the rear. Abalone Logo inlay to th front of the headstock and dot inlays to the fingerboard. Pair of Chrome covered Epiphone Custom Humbuckers, 3 way toggle switch Master Vol and Master tone controls 500K pots Tuneomatic Bridge £1750



Gordon Guitars ARJG Acoustic Retro Jazz Guitar also known as AJAT01

So 6 months on the drawing board, then almost 4 months getting the timbers and another 8 months of scraping and shaping. This is a Pure Acoustic Jazz Guitar. When I was about 5 or 6 a Friend of min Frank Talbot (he was a great artist and musician from the Highlnads of Scotland. Apart from making great pictures he played a couple of guitar that I would have killed to own. One was a Hofner Congress and the other was a German guitar with a multi-laminate neck. But what stood out about the guitar was the construction of the front and the back of the guitar. Each were made from 3 pieces of solid wood laminated together and then carved to shape. So about 18 months ago I started doing research ans found a "Record" guitar, which was very similar to franks. So I set about sourcing the woods.The top was made from Spruce/Hondura Mahogany/Spruce. the sides are solid Maple. The back is made from maple/Hondura Mahogany/AAAA flamed maple. Rather than going for a multi laminate neck I went for my standard 3 piece Maple and a centre of Hondura Mahogany. Unlike most Jazz Guitars I chose to go with a 24 Fret Indian Ebony Fingerboard. The front and Back of the guitar have been carved with deep sculpting in order to expose the layer of Hondura Mahogany. and by doing this carefully I was able to expose a 1cm wide band between the other two layers of wood
The inside of the guitar is also sculpted to allow the wood to be thin enough to resonate well. The top has classic cross bracing to support the floating brigde. Ege binding is made from Mahogany/Ebony/Bleached Maple/Ebony/Bleached Maple/Ebony. This applies to all areas of the guitar with the exception of the Cats Eye Sound Holes which are bound with Ebony/Bleached Maple/Ebony. The bridge is carved Ebony as is the tail piece cover.
The headstock Faceplate is Indian Ebony with my Logo inlaid in Mother of Pearl, the back of th headstock has a veneer of Maple. The Base of the headstock has a full Volute. I have also added a Zero Fret for improved action and intonation. It also gived the guiar better Mid and High tones. The guitar is 17" wide at the largest Bout. The side panels are 4" high and the front and back add a further 1.5 inches each giving the total depth of 7". so this is a Big bodied acoustic Jazz Guitar. This is a ONE OFF Large acoustic Jazz Guitar. I do have plans to make a 335 sized thin bodied guitar but like the last Deep bodied guitar I made this has taken way too much time out of my life. so what is a years worth of my work worth and the quality woods that were used in the making of this guitar????????????????? Please do not think of offering me a Gibson LP studio or a epiphone sheraton. I am open to cash offers (which I will only do in private) and the same applies to Swaps/PX/Trades. Note This is an EXPENSIVE Hand Made ONE OFF Guitar
























































The Story does not end here as I now have plans to fit this with both acoustic piezo bridge with active control.  But I am having a custom made pickup ultra thin yet powerful humbucker made and thena full midi expansion board will also be fitted to this guitar which part from all the one off features that you already see the guitar will then be suitable for any style of music be it acoustic folk or heavy rock with its full midi access or just plain blues or Jazz

watch this space.......................................













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