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Al Lincoln
I first met Kenn back in 1985 in a music shop in Bridlinton. Kenn was doing guitar repairs and restorations for them. As we spoke I found that we had a shared interest in classic country music. Shortly after we formed a country Duo (KALLEN) with Kenn on Guitar and vocals and myself on Lap Steel and Banjo. I also played Guitar and had previously been using an old Gibson 335. I knew Kenn made guitars as a hobby and I asked him to build me something that had guts and classy looks. What I got back was a completely original shaped solid body guitar (all Maple) with a set neck. My name inlaid along the Ebony Fingerboard. 3 hand wound super powerful single coil pickups. The guitars colour could be described as see thru Artic White. When it came to the hardware. I decided that we should go to town, right down to getting all the hardware proper gold plated (this was done by Britains The Jewelers in Bridlington, all done in 18ct 50mcn Hard Gold plate. I still own the guitar some 30 or so years later and I still play this guitar and the gold plate still looks as good as new. (mind you it should do as the Bill to me from Britains was £500 and that was back then) Back to the guitar what I can tell you is it is the best guitar that I have ever owned the finish is factory standard. The guitar plays and sounds a dream. Since that first guitar I have bought two more guitars from Kenn. and they are every bit as good although I went for chrome hardware on them. So I now own a solid body guitar, a semi acoustic, and a pure acoustic guitar. The build quality is what you should expect from quality hand made instruments that are made with care and attention. BUT they are at Factory prices. I know Kenn is not really in it for the money nor does he want to be a factory. But they are the best guitars I have ever owned in over 50 years of playing pro. Thank you Kenn  
Logan Alexander
I saw Kenn playing one of his creations at a shared gig one night. We got chatting and he told me he had made it himself. I was instantly impressed. After the gig I had a quick go on his guitar which he had made he said back in 1981. It was a similar guitar to a 335. He invited me to his workshop at the back of his home in Helmsdale (I lived in Inverness). About a week later I paid him a visit and saw about 10 guitars that he had made and was instantly struck by one of his acoustics which was like a J200 except with a carved arch top and carved arched back. The guitar was finished in a green to yellow gentle sunburst (not in your face just soft) the 3 piece maple neck was so beautifully figured that it matched the back and sides of the guitar flawlessly. The carved spruce top was like the back and fingerboard also bound in flamed maple and ebony. The ebony fingerboard had simple yet effective inlays. I played the guitar for 5 minutes and shot off down to the bank. Although I am now retired I still play that guitar most days and it still sings as good, if not better than it did when I first bought it. Whenever anyone comes around it is always a talking point and I could have sold it a 1000 times over and for much more than I paid for it. If you ever get a chance to own a Kenn Gordon guitar DO IT  
Jim Crowston
I have known Kenn for a lot of years, and over that time we have played in each others bands from time to time. We have also composed and recorded many songs and even a few albums together. I am primarily a Keyboard player although I also play Bass and Guitar. Obviously I knew Kenn played guitar, and quite often he would take a stint on Keyboards and I would then play his guitar. It was always an easy guitar to play and as guitars go it was STUNNING a real babe to look at. When he told me he actually made it I was gobsmacked !!!! as it was a Killer guitar. The most defining thing I noticed about it, after its initial beauty, was the neck wich had a perfect soft slim C flattening out to a slim flat D at the body.  This would be back in 1991 and I asked him to build me a fat bodied jazz guitar. with 20 frets and a single neck pickup. and I got EXACTLY what I had asked for. AWESOME Thanks mate
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