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The DCC-1 was a Entry level Guitars that I made (I made three)
These guitars were designed to be an affordable hand made guitar that was a basic build and no bells and whistles.
The DCC-1 (Double Cut Custom Model 1) had a Honduras Mahogany body with a one piece Honduras Mahogany Neck
The flat top was coved in Flamed Maple 
Indian Ebony Fingerboard with Block inlays
Grover Rotomatic Tuners
Pair of EMG HZ humbuckers
Tune-O-Matic Bridge
These were all made with a natural high gloss finish and came with a Gig Bag. Original retail £599


















The DCC24CD  (Double Cut Custom 24 fret Custom Deluxe) was a much higher level guitar and was aimed at the professional musician. This guitar has a solid Honduras Mahogany body but with a solid flamed maple cap. This was carved to an arch top and was then further given a German groove around the tops leading edge
This time I used a Three piece maple neck set with a long tenon joint
again I used a Indian Ebony fingerboard and block markers
Grover Tuners and a Pair of Gordon Custom wound high gain split coil pickups. Tune-O-Matic bridge system.
This guitar was finished in a see thru emerald green finish and came in a Gordon guitars branded hard case
The new price on this guitar was £2999 SOLD

















The DCA24ACD (Double Cut Active 24 Fret Custom Deluxe) Not too dissimilar to the DCC24CD but with the exception of the pickups whice were a Pair of Active EMG 81/85 again three piece maple neck, Honduras Mahogany body with a solid carved maple cap, Indian Ebony fingerboard and block inlays (This was the last guitar that I would build with block inlays (Except for at the request of buyers) future guitars would have my small diamond style inlays with a block marker at the 24th/22nd frets.
This guitar came in a Shaped Gordon Guitars branded hard case and had a full retail of £2999


















This is a mid price ranged hand made guitar with a one piece set Mahogany neck Mahogany body with a carved arch top finished in AAAA Flamed maple avail in both ebony and rosewood fingerboards Custom wound Gordon Pickups this guitar comes with a choice of hardware options also comes in a Gig bag Retail price from SOLD
















The Gordon Guitars Semi Solid Semi Acoustic 24 Custom Deluxe. This guitars body is made from solid Mahogany which has the wings routed out and the back carved to an arch the solid top is then placed on and it is also carved to an arch then the stylised sound holes are cut. The entire body is then covered with AAAAA grade quilted maple  the guitar has a long tenon set three piece hard rock maple neck sporting a burnished Indian ebony finger board which now bears the "Standardised" Gordon inlays. This guitar has a pair of Gordon custom split coil humbuckers and has double coil taps. Grover tuners, Custom Gordon Guitars branded deluxe hard case rrSS24CD The Gordon Guitars Semi solid 24 fret custom deluxe. This guitar is not that far removed from the guitar above .the main changes being the obvious lack of sound holes and different configuration of hardware. still sporting Grovers and Chrome covered Humbuckers but without the coil taps Comes in bespoke Gordon Guitars branded hard case rrp £1999 SOLD















The e Gordon Guitars ESA24CD is a true semi with a Maple central block. The top and back are made from laminated American maple and attached to solid maple rims. The neck is long tenon set 3 piece hard rock maple  with a full volute to the base of the headstock. The front face of the headstock and the body of the guitar is covered in AAAAA grade quilted maple Multi binding to the body and neck. with single binding to the F holes. Planet waves 18:1 locking self trimming machine heads. Virtu Bone nut. Ebony fingerboard inlaid with small diamond and block marker at the 24th, 24 3mm steel wire frets. Pair of MMK45 or Pair of Schaller split coil pickups. Custom Chrome covers and surrounds. TOM Bridge system ALL electric parts (Pots/switches etc ) are AllPARTS Custom. Guitar fitted with 4 x 500K Push/Push pots 2 vol 2 tone. Coil taps via push/push Phase by push/push and series again by push/push. Schaller strap locks. Custom deluxe Gordon Guitars hard fitted case rrp £2999

















The SGA24M-CD Solid Guitar Acoustic 24 fret Midi Custom Deluxe. Is a solid body made from Honduras Mahogany that is as wide as a 335 style guitar the carved top is AAAAA quilted maple and a German groove around the leading edge. The neck is a long tenon 3 piece set maple with full volute to the base of the headstock. Quilted maple to the front. The Machine heads are Planet Waves Locking Self Trimming,  Chrome plated brass truss rod cover with GG Logo engraved. Virtubone nut. 24 Fret Indian Ebony fingerboard with small diamond markers and custom 24 block marker, Super jumbo 3mm frets. Pickups in this guitar are Gibson USA Classic 57's and are split coil with custom Chrome covers and surrounds. Graphtech split saddle Piezo Tune-O-Matic bridge. TOM stoptail. This is where the Guitar gets really interesting. so with the split coil humbuckers there are Push/Push pots for Coil tap/Phase and Series. The acoustic Piezo bridge is also fitted with the "Graphtech Dark Sound" circuit board. Then a full duplex Midi expansion board allowing for the Guitar to be used as a controller for sounds/lights and other FX 13 pin Roland out for Foot-boards or other fx/amps. There can be any mix of the Magnetic/Piezo/Midi patch up down via mini momentary action toggle  this is a Perfect Guitar for studio or live use. The closest competition on the market as far as a quality hand made guitar goes would be a GUS Midi Guitar at £7,500. The price on this guitar is just £2999














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